Over the past few years Chitlin’s music has started memes, dance crazes and even inspired Jay-Z. His comically auto-tuned voice on Wendy’s “ Frosty Posse” was the catalyst for Jay Z’s “Death of Auto Tune.”
The classic booty shaking anthem for Geico’s “Sexy Grandpa” became an instant meme loved by college students across the nation. This resulted in thousands of user posted dance videos on You Tube.
In 2006 “The Muddle” for Bacardi Mojito became a worldwide favorite for DJs, and inspired many independent remixes of the song.
The classic Burger King spot “Manthem” featured Jeremy on vocals was on display for a pop culture exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Wendy’s – Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty

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Sexy Grandpa

See user created videos on You Tube for “Sexy Grandpa Dance” below:


Bacardi – The Muddle

Burger King – Manthem

Burger King – Kickin Chicken

Finish Line- Theme Song – “Chitlins”

Jenga – “Pirate Pig Attack”

Panda Conservation PSA

Post It – Think Loud